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LETTER: County's approach to new bins is 'quite abysmal'

Reader says new system is a 'great idea' but the 'ridiculous size of the trash cans' shows disregard for 'any real taxpayer input'
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BradfordToday received the following letter from Barry Conway regarding the Simcoe County garbage collection system.

To whom it may (or perhaps may not) concern.

Your approach to changing over the Simcoe County garbage collection system is really quite abysmal, and apparently totally devoid of any real taxpayer input.

You may think I oppose the change, but actually I think it’s a great idea to save on garbage collection costs. Maybe it will even eliminate the infestation of house flies we suffer through now during the summer months after the county switched to a two-week collection cycle (again, without taxpayer input).

So here’s your fly in the ointment: the ridiculous size of the trash cans being forced on us. Had you decided to give a choice of sizes rather than take the one- size-fits-all route, we would have been golden! But you didn’t. And you’re not golden.

The worst part is you even know this isn’t going to work for everybody. After a full blown community revolt in Alliston, Simcoe County relented up there and is now offering smaller size trash cans that actually fit into a garage. Great idea, let's do it in Bradford, too.

In the event you guys stay stupid on this, I guess our only real choice is to buy the 35 gallon ANSI compliant roll-out cans from ULINE in Milton. 

I think I can get my whole neighborhood to go in on this though, so the good news is they only cost $105 per after ULINE’s bulk discount. And they come in a rainbow of colours so your drivers won’t get confused about what's in the can.

So no thanks for keeping our needs in mind. Remember, we pay you to take good care of us. Oh, wait a minute, can I really say that?

Barry Conway