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LETTER: Depression is a silent killer, let's help one another

Innisfil resident provides tips on helping a loved one battling depression
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What is Depression?

Depression is:  a feeling of emptiness when you seem to have it all - feeling sad and longing to be happy 

  • feeling lonely when you're surrounded by so many people 
  • not being able to sleep when your body is screaming with exhaustion 
  • cancelling plans with family and friends when you wish you wouldn't 
  • a monster that is so big and yet no one else seems to see it 
  • feeling ashamed to laying on the couch yet another day 
  • being embarrassed about how messy your house looks and yet you 
  • have no energy or motivation to cleanup 
  • feeling overwhelmed and just not understanding why 
  • being afraid of your own thoughts 
  • a war within yourself 
  • a dark hole that consumes you 
  • an endless nightmare 
  • self-doubt 
  • pain, both mentally and physically 

Depression breaks people emotionally. 

If you know someone who is suffering from depression just telling them to reach out if they need to may not be sufficient. Most people dealing with depression suffer in silence. They smile to hide their pain, and when asked how they are doing, most likely they will say “I’m ok, don’t worry!” The best way to help them is by: 

  • Being present in their life 
  • Listening 
  • Providing a safe space with NO judgement 
  • Suggesting they speak to their doctor/professional 
  • Calling and checking in daily 
  • Bringing them a meal 
  • Cleaning the dirty dishes in their sink 
  • Hugging them, and be the last one to let go 
  • Treating them to something simple they enjoy 
  • Finding ways to make them laugh and smile 
  • Telling them how much they mean to you 
  • Offering to go over and help clean up 
  • Loving them for who they are 
  • Telling them “I DO NOT understand your pain, but I am here WITH YOU!” 
  • Do not give up on them 
  • Keep reminding them of things they are good at

Depression is a silent killer, that comes when you least expect it. One minute you are on top of the world ready to conquer anything, the next minute, you are crying, and feeling like a failure. Emptiness and sadness consume you. You feel the heaviness and darkness from head to toe. You just hope you are strong enough to win this round and still be here to fight the next one. 

Fighting depression is like being thrown blindfolded into an arena where your enemy is armed with a sword and you, you have no weapons or shield. You just keep getting wounded over and over, but yet somehow you keep getting up and fight back. And as quick as the battle begins, it also seems to end, except you're left alone to heal your own wounds. 

We need to empower each other and make sure no one else loses this battle. 

Depression kills! Depression destroys families! 

If you suffer from depression, seek help. Surround yourself with good people. Take one day at a time. And please know that YOU matter! YOU are strong! The world needs YOU, your gifts and your good heart! Keep fighting. I promise you, YOU got this. 

A message from someone who is fighting blindfolded in that same arena!!!

Sonia DaSilva, RECE, and author from Innisfil