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LETTER: Jobs, infrastructure, a plan forward

'2021 must be the year for governments at all levels to work together and implement an ambitious plan to boost our economy,' reader says
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InnisfilToday received the following letter to the editor from reader Pekka Reinio, who shares suggestions to boost the local economy:  

With a struggling economy and unemployment numbers spiking, 2021 must be the year for governments at all levels to work together and implement an ambitious plan to boost our economy, make much needed investments in public services and bring well paying jobs to Barrie, Innisfil and right across Simcoe County. 

We need political leaders who have the will, the courage, a vision and the determination to advocate for Barrie-Innisfil.

What we can and should accomplish: 

  1. Build much needed affordable public child care spaces in Barrie Innisfil.
  2. Transition to non-profit LTC facilities for our seniors and provide a minimum of four hours individualized care for each resident. 
  3. Hire more PSWs to help seniors live safely at home as long as possible. 
  4. Implement an ambitious program to retrofit homes and buildings throughout the County.
  5. Install Electric Vehicle infrastructure such as charging stations right across the province.
  6. Mandate all government vehicles switch to electric by 2025.
  7. Update building codes to require EV charging stations be wired into all new homes.
  8. Renegotiate many of the 700 renewable energy projects cut by the anti-green Ford government.
  9. Invest in renewable energy infrastructure and jobs right across Simcoe County. 
  10. Restore the powers of Conservation Authorities to protect Lake Simcoe, the Greenbelt and precious wetlands.
  11. Raise ODSP to $2000 which will boost local spending and break the cycle of poverty for hundreds of children in our region while reducing stress on our Food Banks..
  12. Raise minimum wages to $15 without delay.
  13. Open a SCS in Barrie to tackle the opioid crisis.

The Canadian Covid response has shown us that governments can act quickly and transformatively. We need to apply this same urgency to create jobs, address climate change and reduce soaring inequality across the province.

Pekka Reinio,
Innisfil, ON