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LETTER: New waste bins pose challenges for some

Reader Diane Sykes says Simcoe County's new bins 'pose challenges' including when it comes to their mobility and storage for some citizens
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InnisfilToday received the following letter from reader Diane Sykes regarding Simcoe County's new waste/recycle/compost bins.


To the editor:

The new Simcoe County waste/recycle/compost bins are supposedly ‘one size fits all.’

Unfortunately, in reality this is not true - especially if you are disabled.

I contacted Simcoe County regarding the bins, and the County responded with a few emails, showing the results of their studies.

The latest one suggested that people are resilient and can adapt, which I found extremely offensive.

As a person who is disabled, I requested accommodation from Simcoe County. I find that every day is different, and I have to adapt many things I do, or just not do them at all. I have to think outside the box to remain independent.  

These new bins are oversized, and even though they are on wheels, they pose challenges, especially as regards storage and mobility. They are not one size fits all to the disabled - especially when weather conditions like snow are added to the equation. 

Surely there are better sized bins options for people who can't adapt (not ‘won't’ adapt) to the unnecessary use of these mammoth bins.

Diane Sykes