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Animal shelter hosting fundraiser to help starving kittens

One-third of rescue cats can't eat due to lack of dental care
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Imagine your teeth hurting so much that you can't even eat, so you begin to lose weight. You feel weak, you become skin and bones, and vulnerable to disease.

This is the reality for one-third of the cats we take in. Seventy-five per cent of the donated funds we rely on are spent on veterinary care, with the majority being put toward expensive dental care. There is no other option  we can’t just let them waste away.

Because we have six extractions and seven cleanings in the queue now (that’s $8,100), we need your help more than ever. Please click here right now to give a starving kitty the help they need.

Why are rescue cat’s teeth such a problem for shelters? Sometimes, a cat’s previous owners just don’t realize how to go about preventative dental care from an early age, and they’re fed sugary, low-quality food. Some cats come from negligent homes, and then they’re abandoned for us to foot the bill. Sometimes it’s because owners can’t afford their cat’s dental care when it becomes apparent they desperately need it. In the case of feral/outdoor cats, they’re scavenging and eating anything they can find, often damaging their teeth while fighting to stay alive.

Feline dental care is so expensive because all cats need to be anesthetized when they visit the dentist, even for a simple cleaning,  and there’s no dental coverage plan for cats! Most often by the time they come into our care it’s too late for a cleaning to remedy their pain, and so a full mouth extraction is needed. That can cost over $1,000 per cat!

Thankfully, a cat’s prognosis is excellent after receiving dental care, and our volunteers are very experienced with nursing cats through the initial healing period and discomfort that comes with it. Soon the cats are able to eat kibble without a problem, and their mood and temperament often improve as well!

For your cats at home, all of this can be avoided with regular vet visits and dental check-ups, as well as choosing good quality foods for your cat. They may be a bit more expensive per bag, but they will help save you from big vet bills in the long run.

Please consider helping the cats in our care who haven’t had the advantage of having caring owners like you on their side. The need is much greater than we can handle without your help.

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