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Upcoming enumeration will provide 'snapshot' of homelessness in the county

Count will improve community’s understanding of the needs and circumstances of people affected by homelessness
2022-01-17 Homelessness 2
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In January 2022, Simcoe County will take part in a co-ordinated effort to measure homelessness across Ontario. The homelessness enumeration project is delivered locally in partnership between the Simcoe County Alliance to End Homelessness (SCATEH) and the County of Simcoe.

Over three days, service providers will count and survey individuals who are staying in shelters, short-term housing, temporary accommodations, and sleeping rough (without shelter). The Point-in-Time Homelessness Count (PiT Count) will provide a “snapshot” of homelessness in Simcoe County.

The survey will indicate the minimum number of people experiencing homelessness in our community. Other forms of homelessness, such as people staying temporarily with friends, are difficult to count in a PiT Count. 

The PiT Count will improve the community’s understanding of the needs and circumstances of the people who are affected by homelessness in the region. The survey will provide key data on gender, age, ethnicity, veteran status, and more.

Results from the PiT Count will be made publicly available at and The County of Simcoe and SCATEH will use the results of the PiT Count to improve local response to homelessness. In the future, successive counts will allow the County of Simcoe and SCATEH to measure progress towards the shared goal of ending homelessness in Simcoe County.

"The Point-in-Time Homelessness Count goes a long way to gauging where we are in our communities as we continue to build additional affordable rental units across the county. We are well on our way to reaching our goal of 2,685 new units between 2014-2024 under Our Community 10-Year Affordable Housing and Homelessness Prevention Strategy. This is an important tool to ensure that we are providing the vital support required where it is needed the most," said Warden George Cornell, County of Simcoe.

"Through this Point-in-Time Count, we are able to collect key data that helps us better understand those experiencing homelessness. This information moves us one step closer to finding solutions together for those who need one," said Jen Fleury, Chair, Simcoe County Alliance to End Homelessness (SCATEH).

About homelessness enumerations in the County of Simcoe

Additional information about homelessness enumerations in Simcoe County is available at: and