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OPP report 34 car crash fatalities in the month of May

 By the end of May, 88 fatal collisions led to the death of 94 people in 2021
2021-05-20 OPP cruiser

The month of May saw 34 people tragically killed on Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)-patrolled roads, pushing the number of collision fatalities higher than at this time last year.

 By the end of May 2021, 88 fatal collisions led to the death of 94 people. At this time last year, 78 fatal road crashes had claimed the lives of 87 people. 

A significant number of those killed in the crashes died through no fault of their own. They were either passengers or drivers who were driving properly when the collision occurred. Speeding (27) and driver inattention (16) are the lead factors contributing to this year's fatalities and both causal factors have increased compared to the same period last year.  

"It is unacceptable that drivers continue to contribute to the deaths of innocent people because of their actions or condition behind the wheel. To have this occur -- at a time when people are finally seeing signs that our lives may soon get back to normal --makes this particularly tragic and devastating for the grieving families. Everyone has the right to be safe on our roads. Please do your part to keep everyone safe when you are driving." - OPP Chief Superintendent Rohan Thompson, Commander, Highway Safety Division

 The OPP remains committed to saving lives on roads, waterways and trails.