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Hiring? Host your free job fair at Agilec Innisfil to find the right candidate

Coordinating potential candidates for one position is a laborious task, but assembling it all into one location in one day can significantly streamline the process

For anyone who’s ever been involved in the hiring process, it can be an arduous process. Not only the recruiting, but combing through resumes, interviewing, and selecting the ideal person for the job.

It’s a time-consuming process for multiple people in a business or company to spearhead, let alone one person to coordinate by themselves. Coordinating all those potential candidates for one position is a laborious task, but assembling it all into one location in one day can significantly streamline the process.

For those looking to hire and make it as simple as possible, Agilec’s hiring office offers free job fairs for businesses and companies in Innisfil.

This provides hiring managers a one-stop shop to sift through a wealth of candidates, select the interviewees, and direct the in-person interviews. Rather than taking days, weeks or even months to narrow it down to the right candidates, with Agilec’s in-person job fair, it might only take one day.

“It’s nice for employers to see that they can do it all in one spot,” said Jennifer Westra, team leader at Agilec in Innisfil.

“Typically, they’re not going to have a job fair in their store. They come to a place like ours where we have a workshop room. We have other offices if they want even more privacy. There’s no cost to that and they have our assistance when they come in the door and we direct it.”

Agilec offers their employment centre as an all-inclusive hub to help screen candidates and coordinate interviews. Candidates can also use Agilec’s resource computers to print off resumes or fill out online applications, all at no cost to them.

Job fairs are especially crucial for new businesses looking to hire multiple people at once for their opening. That business may not have a storefront or location ready to open, but they need somewhere to lead interviews. Agilec can provide that space with a free job fair inside their Innisfil location.

“We are not only here to help job seekers, but employers,” Westra said. “Sometimes we have the opportunity to bring them both together.”

Virtual appointments still available for job seekers

On the job seekers side, for those who aren’t comfortable attending in-person job fairs, or who prefer to speak with an employment coach virtually, Agilec still offers virtual appointments to those who find it more convenient.

Thanks to technology, job seekers don’t need to be in-person for appointments with job coaches. This means they can log in from wherever they’re able to, regardless if that’s in Innisfil or otherwise.

If you’re an employer looking to host your job fair, speak to an Agilec job coach about setting up your event. It’s free and available to any company or business. Find out more at