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Sell my home or condo fast in Innisfil, Ontario

Putting a house on the market usually requires both an investment in time and considerable money. Fortunately, in Ontario, many established homebuyers will buy your home for cash.

When an Ontario homeowner faces the requirement to sell their home quickly, there are few options available. Putting a house on the market usually requires both an investment in time and considerable money. Fortunately, in Ontario, many established homebuyers will buy your home for cash. In as little as a week to 10 days, an Ontario homeowner will be able to sell their condo, house or even cottage to an interested homebuyer for cash without investing out of pocket. 

There are many perks to living in Innisfil and the surrounding area. Located only 80 kilometres north of Toronto and within the York region, the town of Innisfil has all the advantages of a small town with big-city amenities within an easy commute.

With other desirable locations nearby, including Barrie, Innisfil is a great area to buy a property and to raise a family.

Local amenities such as shopping and outdoor trails add to Innisfil’s appeal. The population as of the last 2016 census is 36,570.

Selling your home quickly

It is often considered the last option. Many Ontario homeowners are very proud to own a home and do whatever is necessary to both purchase one and to maintain one. Paying close attention to covering all housing costs and monthly mortgage payments is a top priority for most Ontario homeowners.

Sometimes the strain of housing expenses becomes simply too much, and an Ontario homeowner is forced into the position of having to sell their beloved home sooner rather than later.

For many, the potential added stress of contemplating housing renovation and fixups is too much to consider. Added to this are the looming costs that it takes to sell a home through traditional real estate channels.

Listing, preparing a home for sale, real estate commissions, and the cost of staging can add up and add financial strain to those that are already in the position of needing cash quickly to pay for immediate financial needs.

Approaching a buyer that will buy your home for cash is an avenue that is worth exploring for those in a financial crunch that needs an immediate solution.

What are cash home buyers?

Cash home buyers are those individuals or companies that will buy a property that is in any condition within a very short timeframe for cash. This allows some homeowners to avoid the route of listing through a real estate agent. 

Cash home buyers will need a recent appraisal of your property to assess the property to near market value while taking into consideration any fixes are renovations needed that may affect the negotiated sale price.

Cash home buyers will be looking at houses within the neighborhood or approximate area of where your home is to help reach a fair price for your property.

What are the reasons that homeowners may want to sell their homes quickly?

Although ultimately the decision to sell your home to an interested Ontario home buyer for cash is a unique one, based on each homeowner’s financial picture and circumstances, there are common reasons why you may want to approach a cash home buyer:

  • A rental property is in a state of disrepair that the cost may be too much to fix up and bring it to acceptable rental standards- selling may be the best option
  • An inherited property needs to be sold quickly for personal reasons or the state of the property is too much of an undertaking for those that inherited it
  • A homeowner has fallen into mortgage arrears and is facing a foreclosure or power of sale on their home
  • Legal fees have become a burden and cash from selling a home will be needed quickly to cover these legal costs
  • A homeowner needs to move suddenly and does not have the time or money to invest in listing their house or condo on the open market

Pros to selling to a cash homebuyer

  • By selling our home to a cash home buyer, a home seller can avoid expensive closing costs which can often represent up to 10% of the cost of the sale of a house or condo
  • Selling to a cash home buyer is much faster- usually only taking between a week to 10 days
  • Selling your house or condo to a cash home buyer is straightforward- the process involves an appraisal of your property and does not require all that is entailed in a traditional listing of a property on the open market
  • Selling your house or condo to a cash home buyer is a certain process- your home will be sold and the price that it will be sold at will be known to you quickly unlike the uncertainties that surround listing your home.

As with anything in life, whether selling through a cash home buyer is the right decision for you depends largely on the financial circumstances that you may find yourself in coupled with the overall urgency to sell your home quickly.

Selling your home fast through a cash home buyer has definite advantages including the minimal costs involved, then certainly in the process and the ease in which it is carried out.

If you research cash home buyers close to you then it could be a very viable option. Mortgage Broker Store can help by either negotiating a cash home sale directly or directing an interested Innisfil homeowner to a reliable and experienced cash home buyer in the York region.