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Peaceful Hearts Georgina Foundation

Peaceful Hearts Georgina Foundation is a charitable organization that has created a safe haven for a diverse group of special needs children, youth and young adults aged 6-29 years. Our Studio Day Program opened January 2019 to offer special needs individuals the opportunity to engage in activities that promote social connections, independence and community involvement through Arts, Technology and Life Skills.

It is our belief that everyone deserves purpose and quality of life.

Day Program
Our programs will be designed to meet the needs of every individual in an encouraging environment providing opportunities to experience technology, life skills, various sensory activities including art, music and dance. We are currently finalizing location, staffing and fundraising – check back regularly for updates on our site.

Respite Program
Future Respite Program is in research and development stage. Our goal is to offer much needed overnight respite that provides night nursing support including post 18+ years.

Life Balance
This program will create supportive life balance assistance for special needs families’ caregivers including workshops, activity classes and connecting with other families and community resources.

These programs are dependent on the involvement of community members and the pillars of support. We thank them for their commitment and belief “We are more than our diagnosis.”

Our People