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LETTER: Resident-only parking policy should include Gilford boat launch

Reader wonders why the town isn't enforcing the same parking restrictions at Innisfil Beach Park to Gilford's boat launch area
Sign greets visitors to Innisfil Beach park. Miriam King/Innisfil Today

InnisfilToday welcomes letters to the editor at InnisfilToday received the following letter in regards to the town's parking restrictions at Innisfil Beach Park

Last week, the town announced the resident-parking only policy at Innisfil Beach Park and six other town parking lots effective May 21.

However, the boat launch in Gilford (1090 Shore Acres Drive) will be open, with free resident parking and paid non-resident parking at the Shore Acres (Neilly Road) Lot. 

Why did Innisfil choose to close/ monitor some public parking lots and boat launches during COVID to resident use only, yet they leave the public parking lot and launch area open at the end of Shore Acres Drive?

This double standard leaves the residents of Gilford open to out of town travellers coming to launch their boats- now two years in a row. It’s not the actual boating or boat launching that’s the issue, it’s the out-of-town travellers and potential for COVID transmission. For the same reason, golf courses and marinas are closed.

The town should close all access to public parking while there is a stay-at-home order and all boat launches closed if they aren’t supervised.

All residents deserve the same protection from our town officials not just the ones closest to the municipal offices or centre of town where everyone can see what’s happening. Gilford is out of sight, out of mind and I’d like to remind the town that we are “here”!

Paul McGuckin
Gilford, Ontario