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Dairy, eggs now being accepted for Troy Scott Community Fridges

Town of Innisfil expands food donation guidelines
One of the Troy Scott Community Fridges is located outside the Innisfil Recreational Complex.

The Town of Innisfil is excited to announce expanded food donation guidelines for the Troy Scott Community Fridges to include pasteurized dairy and dairy products, and Grade A eggs.

The town is also launching Fill the Fridges to enable individuals, businesses, and organizations to host their own donation drive to support the Troy Scott Community Fridges. Accepting a wider range of food products and encouraging donations will further support dignified access to nutritious food for community members.

“Household food insecurity continues to impact our residents as the cost of food and other necessities rises,” says Mayor Lynn Dollin. “Expanding food donation guidelines is another step in ensuring that everyone in our community has access to a variety of nutritious food options.”

To keep people safe, pasteurized dairy and dairy products, and Grade A eggs must be refrigerated at all times, be transported to the community fridges promptly without any detours, and meet the following criteria:

  • Dairy and dairy products must be pasteurized, in their original package(s), and have a visible best-before date.
  • Eggs must not be below Grade A or cracked and must have a visible best-before date on the package. Domestic or ungraded eggs cannot be accepted.

People can access fresh and non-perishable donated food at three Troy Scott Community Fridges. This includes locations outside the Innisfil Recreational Complex (7315 Yonge St.) and the Innisfil ideaLAB & Library’s Cookstown branch (20 Church St.) and inside the Innisfil ideaLAB & Library’s Lakeshore branch (967 Innisfil Beach Rd.), which is accessible during the operating hours.

The Fill the Fridges donation drive guide helps individuals, businesses, and organizations plan a successful donation drive for the Troy Scott Community Fridges. Hosting a food or fundraising drive increases awareness and sustainability of the community fridges, community food security, and how collaborative efforts can affect great change for our community. Learn more about the Troy Scott Community Fridges and how to donate at