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'Every day is special': Corner Market hopes to stay cut above

'Whether it’s steak, beef or pork, we are able to provide quality cuts for reasonable prices,' says manager and co-owner

With the barbecue season finally here and the food prices persistently high, boutique-style grocery store Corner Market Barrie says it bets on top-quality cuts of meat and competitive prices to keep customers coming back.

“Compared to a lot of grocery stores, we are now about 25 per cent to 45 per cent cheaper,” said Umesh Kansal, owner of the Ferndale Drive South shop.

Kansal believes the butcher section is one of the main attractions of The Corner Market Barrie, which has been operating for the last 15 years.

“Whether it’s steak, beef or pork, we are able to provide quality cuts for reasonable prices," Kansal told BarrieToday

The Corner Market Barrie also prides itself on providing locally sourced meat.

Kansal says The Corner Market tries to stay as local as possible because its customers appreciate knowing where their food comes from, especially those who come on regular basis.

“There are people who come in every single day to enjoy our homemade meals," he said. 

The store offers baked goods like meat pies, including vegetarian options, as well as prepared meals such as shepherd's pies, lasagna, mac and cheese, stew, stroganoff, stir fries, cabbage rolls, and more. Hot food-to-go options including fish and chips, sandwiches, and burgers are also available.

Kansal told BarrieToday that there is always something new coming out from the kitchen.

“Because we do everything in-house, we plan our day with what we have available. Some ready-to-go meals, for instance, are prepared according to what we get in the veg and meat delivery," he said. 

Whatever the local producers have to offer, Kansal says The Corner Market can work with them.

“I'm pretty sure our customers will agree that every day is special at The Corner Market," he added. 

Kansal says he starts the day at 6:30 a.m., to organize the orders and deliveries that come in.

“Some farms drop in vegetables every day," he said. 

The store also carries local products, including Orillia Honey, Terry's sauce and local maple syrup. Other specialty grocery items include oils, cheese, coffee, jams, pickles, and more.

As for The Corner Market’s competitive offerings, Kansal says the store hasn't raised prices for any item in the last 12 months, and there is no plan to raise them over the next six months, either.

“If things get out of control, we might increase $1 here and there, but for now they all remain the same,” he said. “We run (our) business on minimum margins to give back to the community."

The Corner Market is located at 225 Ferndale Dr. S., in Barrie. There is also a location in Angus at 17 King St.