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Ice rinks 'still very much a work in progress'

Residents asked to wait until the rinks are ready

It’s not just an uptick in the temperature that has delayed Innisfil’s new temporary ice rinks.

It’s impatient residents, who have ignored the caution signs and fencing, to try the ice.

“Unfortunately, we did have some individuals using them this weekend, which continues to delay us in getting these ready for use,” said communications lead and town spokesperson, Johnny Keogh.

Keogh explained that the ice rinks “are meant to give residents an opportunity to get outdoors and be active, safely.”

Residents will be asked to follow COVID-19 guidelines, to ensure everyone remains safe while using the amenities.

“There will be important signage and guidelines to inform the public,” he said, with details that include maximum occupancy, and the need for physical distancing.

Asked when the outdoor rinks at Innisfil Beach Park and the Stroud Community Centre will be ready for use, Keogh noted that they are “very much a work in progress, and not safe to use right now. We know how eager people are but we are asking the public not to use them just yet.

“The best we can say is we are hoping to have them ready within two weeks and we are moving as fast as we can.”