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Innisfil make-up artist places top 3 in international beauty contest for celebrity face transformations

Erin Royal left her job as a paramedic in the city to pursue her passion in makeup artistry

Local Innisfil make-up artist Erin Royal of Metamorph Beauty recently placed top three in two different categories in the International Beauty Industry (IBI) Competition for her ‘face transformations’.

Royal is a certified make-up artist from the Canadian Beauty College in Newmarket and is the owner of Metamorph Beauty in Innisfil. She has been doing make-up for weddings and other formal engagements; however, her real passion lies in doing face transformations with body paint.

Royal came across a post online one day advertising a make-up and beauty competition. She submitted two photos of her face transformation art for two different categories: Best Character/Cosplay and Best Before & After.

The IBI features 50 different categories to choose from including make-up artistry, film & TV, and hair artistry. Participants can submit up to three photos of their work (one piece in three different angles per entry) and are judged on the following criteria: visual success, technical execution, and creativity and concept.

Royal submitted her own face transformations as Canadian actor and comedian Eugene Levy for Best Character/Cosplay, and David Bowie as the “Goblin King” in the popular movie Labyrinth for Best Before & After.

“I love being able to use the body & face as a canvas,” shares Royal. ““I love how everyone has a different unique face combination”.

Royal was inspired by face transformations after coming across similar work by a portrait painter name Lucia Pittalis who is a famous make-up artist from Italy.

“I saw some of her work and thought ‘WOW’, I have to try that!” exclaims Royal. “Something inside me lit up and I was transformed."

Royal had tried her hand at skeletons on other people’s faces during Halloween but had never done a full-face transformation before, that is until Covid hit, which then gave her the time to explore this radical form of art using her own face as the canvas.

“I cover my eyebrows with a glue stick and then put concealer over top," explains Royal. “Then I blank out my entire face using a foundation colour that is appropriate for the character."

Royal then begins her transformation by starting with the eyes and brows first before moving on to the rest of the face.

“Trying to get the proportions right – hair line, chin, nose – there’s always something different with every face, so I have to try and find my ‘anchor’ which is usually the bridge between the eyes," shares Royal.

Royal completes her face transformations by matting down her hair under a wig or using her own hair with paint for ‘effect’.

“For men, I use my own hair – I keep it short and it grows really fast!” Royal laughs, confessing that she uses root touch-up spray for some of her hair transformations.

Royal also paints her chest and shoulders to give the appearance of ‘clothing’ for her characters. She uses make-up brushes but also uses brushes from a painter’s kit to create different aspects and dimensions to her skin.

“I use what works! I don’t believe in using only what’s for the make up world," admits Royal.

Royal’s decision to transform her face into Eugene Levy and David Bowie stem from a love of both iconic characters and for their unique and interesting face details.

“I followed [Eugene’s] whole career," notes Royal. “I love him! He has such a unique face."

Royal was working on a Halloween collaboration with another artist online one day when she became a part of a project involving the movie ‘Labyrinth’ starring David Bowie and decided she wanted to try his face next.

“He was never afraid to be himself. He was always true to himself even if he was different… and I loved that about him!” expresses Royal.

When Royal submitted both pieces, she never imagined she would place top three overall. It was her first time submitting her work and winning a trophy and certificate, as well as having her work published on the IBI’s official website.

Royal’s talent does not fall far from the tree; her mother is also an artist and enjoys drawing and painting, and was a creative designer in her earlier career. Her two sisters are also creatively talented in their entrepreneurial endeavours as well.

“Being creative is a part of our family,” states Royal.

Royal is a mother of two children and was once a paramedic in Toronto for 15 years. In 2018, she had a ‘health scare’; a moment which changed her life completely and prompted her to leave her career and pursue other passions.

“I was a zombie in my life," shares Royal about her past job. “It’s a very exhausting job – 12 hour shifts… I was a paramedic during SARS so I really sympathize with paramedics and the strain it puts on families. I definitely feel for them right now."

Royal adds that although she liked make-up, it was not a big part of her life until she left the paramedic world and enrolled herself in beauty college.

“There’s always someone looking for something different,” says Royal about her work. “This is full time for me – I am making time for it! It’s what I love and want to do [and] this is the direction I am going in right now."

Royal’s most recent face transformation was of actor James Caan who played ‘Walter’ on the popular holiday movie “Elf”, and Caan himself not only discovered her transformation picture on Instagram, but ‘liked’ the photo too.

To view Erin Royal’s work of art, visit / Instagram: @metamorphbeauty / Twitter: @metamorphbeaut1 / Facebook: Metamorph Beauty

To watch Royal’s face transformations from start to finish, watch her Youtube videos under “Metamorph Beauty”.