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Ryobi Power Centre sets up shop in Barrie Home Depot

Company's first location opened Friday in city's south end, referred to as 'store-within-a-store concept'
A RYOBI Power Centre has been set up at Home Depot in Barrie.

Ryobi Tools has launched a store-within-a-store concept at Home Depot with the opening of the Ryobi Power Centre in Barrie, which will offer customers access to the widest in-store selection of power tools and outdoor power equipment, providing ultimate versatility and selection to get the job done, and importantly, a more powerful customer experience.

The Ryobi Power Centre is designed to be immersive, providing opportunities for deeper engagement between the customer, the brand, and staff. It will offer information and education, interactive video displays and live interactive demos, as well as exclusive in-store events every weekend.

The Power Centre will be staffed seven days a week by Ryobi product specialists who can share info, advice, and product knowledge about the tools as well as about tool applications, use and maintenance. The Ryobi Power Centre inventory will be comprehensive, covering all categories including outdoor power tools and equipment, power tools, storage, hobby tools, automotive, cleaning, lifestyle and power tool accessories.

Customers can also expect the lineup to be refreshed regularly throughout the year to ensure access to the latest and greatest products in market. Those seeking the latest innovations can visit a Ryobi Power Centre for early access to new Ryobi tool releases.

“Customer expectations are high, and we’re listening,” says Becky Yan, director of marketing, Ryobi Canada. “The gravitation toward an online experience has shifted. Often, customers now begin their shopping journey online to research their options, but we’re seeing consumer sentiment once again favour a more bricks-and-mortar approach, albeit an elevated one that prioritizes customer needs and a heightened quality of service by delivering custom, one-on-one interactions.

"Ryobi tools represent the best value-driven advancements in the industry and now the Ryobi Power Centre aligns our brand experience with that same unrivalled level of excellence.”

The commitment to service, as the cornerstone of the Ryobi Power Centre, will extend beyond the purchasing journey. Ryobi Canada aims to support tool users in the use and maintenance of their Ryobi products to optimize the results of every job.

To that end, elevating service will also encompass the servicing of Ryobi tools. Customers can now turn to the Ryobi Power Centre to drop off tools in need of service or repair, obtain assistance from a Ryobi rep to create a service ticket, then pick them up serviced ready to take on the next task.

It’s not just service simplified, it’s service maximized.

Ryobi launched its first Ryobi Power Centre on Friday in Barrie at the Home Depot, located at 10 Barrie View Dr. The location was carefully selected by Ryobi and the Home Depot, as it caters to a wide customer base including those local to Barrie and its surrounding areas, as well as Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area consumers headed north to cottage country.

The launch of the first Ryobi Power Centre comes at a time when consumers are looking to do more themselves, with the do-it-yourself trend once again gaining traction in households across the country. A recent online survey of a representative sample of Canadian consumers found that 61 per cent would like to undertake a DIY renovation or DIY project (indoor or outdoor) requiring power tools over the next 12 months.

Seventy per cent agreed that inflation or rising costs have influenced them to undertake the task themselves instead of hiring someone. Of the respondents surveyed, 60 per cent expect to buy a battery-powered tool or battery-powered lawn and garden equipment over the next year.

Additional Ryobi Power Centres are planned for the Canadian market, with further announcements expected in 2023. Consumers wishing to sign up for Ryobi Power Centre announcements, event notices, as well as info to power their Ryobi tool experience can do so at (bottom of page).

In the interim, Ryobi is amplifying its online presence by introducing a Ryobi Power Centre digital experience featuring a microsite where customers can navigate through a Ryobi Power Centre virtual store.

The digital Ryobi Power Centre is available at