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Town aims to improve road safety with red-light cameras

New enforcement tools will be active at Highways 89 and 27 starting Friday
2019-12-19 Ottawa red light camera CK2
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The Town of Innisfil has installed red-light cameras at the intersection of King Street and Queen/Church Street, also known as Highway 89 and Highway 27, in Cookstown. The program’s goal is to improve road safety and driver behaviour at one of Innisfil’s busiest intersections through the use of an automatic enforcement tool. The cameras will be live as of Dec. 8.

“The activation of red-light cameras is aimed at using emerging technologies to help make our streets safer for all drivers and pedestrians,” says Mayor Lynn Dollin. “We’ll continue to work closely with our partners at South Simcoe Police Service to monitor the impact of this new tool to ensure it supports a multifaceted approach to tackling traffic-related concerns.”

Following a ten-day notice period with signage at the intersection, the red-light cameras will be operational 24/7.

The automated system takes photographs of vehicles that enter the intersection after the traffic signal turns red and captures other relevant data such as vehicle speed, date, and exact time the car crossed the stop line. Data is securely transmitted to a processing centre for review by a Provincial Offences Officer and, if validated, a ticket is sent to the registered plate holder.

Related fines are administrative in nature, meaning that no demerit points are issued. Funds collected will help offset the cost of the program including camera installation and processing fees. For more information, visit