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'Bizarre behaviour': Males seen hanging out of speeding vehicle

Man spotted sitting on roof while car sped through residential neighbourhood near Mapleton Avenue and Essa Road, police say
A Barrie police vehicle sits parked next to the Spirit Catcher.

Barrie police scoured the city's south end Sunday afternoon, to no avail, after receiving a report of passengers extending themselves outside of a speeding vehicle and sitting on the roof. 

On Feb. 25, police received a call from a concerned citizen who had just witnessed some "very bizarre behaviour" involving a vehicle in southwest Barrie, near Mapleton Avenue and Essa Road.

With the driver’s side and passenger side windows down, two men were seen extending themselves out of the windows, according to police. 

A third man was also observed sitting on the roof, all while the mid-sized silver car was reportedly speeding through a residential neighbourhood in the area of Leslie and Mapleton avenues, police say.

Unfortunately, police say the person who called in the report was unable to obtain a licence plate. There were no additional calls to police regarding the vehicle and conduct of the individuals occupying the car.

Barrie police reminds drivers that they are responsible for what happens in and around their vehicle had this stunt resulted in serious injury or if the driver had lost control, had to brake suddenly or even unexpectedly.

"The mild weather and warmer temperatures are something that many are embracing, but common sense is still required if you are driving your motor vehicle on city streets and area highways," city police stated in a news release Monday.

If officers had located this vehicle or witnessed this activity, police say the driver and occupants could have been charged with a number of offences under the Highway Traffic Act or even criminally, if this stunt had ended in tragedy.